Kuraki Noh Stage

Kuraki Noh Stage choreograpged by the flavor of each season.

The Kuraki Noh Stage is situated in a Japanese garden having an expanse
of approximately 2,000 tsubo (about 6612m²) and surrounded by
mountains on three sides.

Based on the design of Seitaro Yamazaki,
professor of Hosei University, this Noh Stage was originally built in Hibiya,
Tokyo, in 1917 by Nobuyoshi Ikenouchi, senior director of the Noh Theater
Society and elder brother of Haiku poet Kyoshi Takahama, in order to
nurture Hayashikata (instrument players).

庭園の写真1 庭園の写真2 庭園の写真3



The mirror plate (back panel) of the stage was drawn by Hyakusui
Hirafuku, who was a leading figure in the Japanese art world, is high
artistic value. It makes you feel the weight and style of history that
cultivated many human national treasures since its establishment. You can
use it for presentations and exercises of Noh and Kyogen.

Japanese Style Room


In the garden filled with flowers and autumn leaves every season, you can use it for small classes lessons and lectures etc.



In an atmosphere where the sound of suikinkutsu calm hear, available for tea ceremony and gathering of haiku poets etc.

Thank you for having interest of us. Please feel free to visit us to touch the
tradition of Japanese culture. However, we do not have a fluent English speaker,
so please arrange an interpreter if you are considering to use our rooms,
or purchasing tickets of events.