We will restart our events from September 2020, but the schedule is subject to change depending on the COVID-19 situation. We adopt the following measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. You are kindly requested to cooperate with us. 

■ Limiting Entry
The number of audience is limited to avoid causing a crowded situation. The maximum number of attendees per event is set at 50.

■ Assigned Seat
For a while, we assign the audience seats on a first-come and first-served basis in order not to cause a group infection. We will give your seat number on the day.

■ How to buy tickets
Book tickets by phone or email in advance, and pay the admission fee on the day at our office counter (cash payments only). We temporarily halt the ticket-by-mail service.

img20200909075809152149.jpg Image (Gagaku) img20200909080227133437.jpg Naoyuki Manabe(笙:Sho)

Let's hear the sound in the forest of KURAKI

Sat 3 Oct. 2020 (16:30 – 18:00) Admission free

On autumn evening, take a walk in the garden of the Kuraki noh stage and look for various sounds. The buzzing of trees, the murmuring of water, the voices of birds and insects...and the sounds of musical instruments are heard in the green! The sounds of nature and the sounds made by humans are in harmony, and echo in the woods of Kuraki. .. Everyone from children to adults can enjoy it.

Student Recital Hour: Nihonbuyo (Japanese Traditional Dance)

Sun 11 Oct. 2020 (13:30 – 16:00) Admission free

The Nihonbuyo course students will showcase the fruits of their efforts. It is not only a recital but also a completion ceremony for students who finished the beginner course. The ceremony was originally planned in March, but was postponed by COVID-19. The instructors also demonstrate their splendid dance performance.

img20200705024849798004.jpg The dance group, Odorinokukan img20200705024849798052.jpg Naoya Mura, the lead instructor img20200705024850104963.jpg Performance by students img20200705024849798753.jpg Group photo

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3rd Kuraki Special Collaboration Concert

Sat 24 Oct. 2020 (16:00 – )

Admission: adult - ¥3500, child 7-15 years - ¥1000
The special and unique collaboration of dance, flute, harp and song will entertain you!
The graceful noh dance by Tsunao Yamai captivates the audience across any boundaries. The clear sound of yokobue, a Japanese flute, played by Kei Matsuo embraces you with gentleness and dynamism. Tomoya Nakai, who takes part in this concert for the first time, plays the 25 strings harp which makes a wider range of sound. He plays ingeniously orchestrated tones. And the beautiful singing voice of Lee Jeongmi stimulates emotions of the audience. Their joint performance will open the door to the new world.

Rosoku Noh: Noh Play in Candle Lights, Mutsuura  SOLD OUT

Sat 7 Nov. 2020 (17:30 –)
Admission: adult - ¥3500, child 7-15 years - ¥1000

You can experience a fantastical ambience in the Rosoku Noh in which the stage is illuminated by dim and divine lights of candle flames. This is the first time for the Kuraki Noh Stage to organize a Rosoku Noh.
A visional scenery also spreads outside the theatre, a lot of candles and bamboo lanterns are set up around the pond in the garden, and foggy smoke hangs around the trees.
Noh play: Mutuura
Leading player (shite): Kiyomi Muraoka
Supporting player of shite (waki): Yoshihiro Tateda
Supporting player of waki (wakitsure): Hideshi Norihisa
Storyteller during interlude (ai): Yusuke Takasawa
Stage assistant (koken): Tsunao Yamai
Flute (fue): Ryuichi Onodera
Small drum (kotsuzumi): Takashi Mori
Large drum (otuzumi): Eitaro Okura
Drum (taiko): Noriyoshi Okawa
Chorus (jiutai): Mayuko Kashiwazaki, Misa Hayashi, Yuka Adachi

img20200705111800135196.jpg Rosoku img20200705111800131189.jpg View from outside the gate img20200705112108717061.jpg Bamboo lanterns

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2nd Quick Understanding on Nihonbuyo: Easy Lecture and Beautiful Performances

Sun 23 Nov. 2020 (14:00 –)
Admission: adult - ¥3500, child 7-15 years - ¥1000

This event offers a great opportunity to learn that nihonbuyo and other Japanese traditional performing arts are distinctive in the world in terms of that the performers dance in accordance with the song lyrics.
A pleasant and meaningful talk about nihonbuyo is given by the lead instructor of the Japanese Dance Course, Naoya Mura and wonderful performances are demonstrated by:
Reading: Kazuyo Asari
Bamboo flute (shakuhachi): Akihito Obama
(Session 2)
Song (hauta): Mayumi Yamamoto
Stringed instrument (shamisen): Shamisen Toyofujimi, Shamisen Toyofujikaoru
Nihonbuyo: the dance group, Odorinokukan

Kuraki World: Classical Concert

Sun 29 Nov. 2020 (14:00 –)
Admission: adult - ¥2000, child 7-15 years - ¥1000

The classical concert “Kuraki World” provides you with a relaxing and comfortable time. We hope you enjoy a quality performance by superb players belonging to NHK Symphony Orchestra. The Kuraki Noh Stage is well-received by musicians as it has good acoustics.
<< Tune >> Beethoven's String Quartet No. 9, Schubert's "Chapter", Borodin's "Nocturne", etc.

img20200705142838846482.jpg Performers at rehearsal img20200705142838746412.jpg Autumn leaves 1 img20200705142838849426.jpg Autumn leaves 2 img20200705142838850443.jpg Autumn leaves 3 img20200705180938251183.jpg Autumn leaves 4

img20200705162628292125.jpg Bamboo lantern img20200705162628392541.jpg Performers at a New Year event img20200720181520280700.jpg Lion dance img20200720181520280257.jpg Yokohama Geisha

New Year Bamboo Lantern Event with Yokohama Geisha and Seasonal Tradition Postponed

Sat 16 Jan. 2021 (16:00 –) Admission: ¥1,000

Enjoy your great New Year with traditional celebration performances such as shishimai and sanbaso, and the glimmering lights of many bamboo lanterns allocated around the garden.
This event is also rooted in the community; there were once many geishas, professional entertainers, in Yokohama. One of the highlights is graceful dance of Yokohama geishas.
The Kuraki Noh Stage offers a unique new year event with a wish you are showered with a lot of happines

Kensankai: Student Recital Hour (Noh Courses)Canceled on the day. The date and time are under consideration.

Sat 6 and Sat 13 Mar. 2021 Admission free

On 6th March 2021, the recital by the voice and dance course students (Kita and Komparu school) and the noh musical instruments course students will be held.
On 13th March 2021, the recital by the Hosho school students will be held.
The recitals will be mirthful as visitors from far and near, instructors and former students also take part in it.

img20200705180338074597.jpg Konparu school students at a recital img20200705180338068619.jpg Kita school students at a recital img20200705180337981861.jpg Hosho school students in a group photo img20200705180338073735.jpg Kotsuzumi player

img20200705182749980397.jpg Yorozu Kyogen img20200705182749980924.jpg Yorozu Kyogen img20200705182749980287.jpg Yorozu Kyogen

Kuraki Kyogen (Yorozu Kyogen): Traditional Comic Play Canceled.

Sat 20 Mar. 2021 (14:00 –)
Admission: adult - ¥3500, child 7-15 years - ¥1000

The Kuraki Kyogen will celebrate its 13th year anniversary. Performers are from the Manzo Nomura family (Izumi School). Man Nomura, a Living National Treasure, is also scheduled to play for the event.