For the time being, it is a normal business
<< About the number of people >>
■ To prevent infection, the Japanese-style room (14 tatami mats) can accommodate up to 10 people, and the tea room (4 and a half tatami mats) can accommodate up to 4 people.
■ Up to 70 seats (highlights). Please contact us regarding the stage.

<< About closing time >>
■ Nighttime use is until 22:00
  It also includes tidying up time.

“Countermeasure equipment”



(A) 3 high-power ventilation fans ...... All air can be replaced in 1 minute.
(B) Two large partitions to prevent droplet infection for lectures ... It is safe to practice with the teacher.
(C) Special bench acrylic partition plate ....... 11 sheets, 22 customers can sit with peace of mind.
(D) Two large humidifiers for 40 tatami mats ...... Maintains appropriate humidity.
(A) and (B) are based on the Kanagawa Prefecture Cultural Arts Activity Resumption Acceleration Project Subsidy

“Noh lesson from the age of 4”



When this class is restarted, the instructor will be Tsunao Yamai, the leading actor (shite) of the Konparu school.
The elements that nurture the spirit and dignity of Japanese people are in the traditional performing arts including noh and the distinctive philosophy known as “Do” such as “Kado”, “Sado” and “Judo”.
This lesson offers an opportunity for children to learn bienseance experiencing Japanese traditional arts in the large room where the historical noh stage exists. The graceful ambience in the garden also will have productive influence on their minds.