Greeting from the leading instructor, Naoya Mura 

Nearly a hundred years have passed since "nihonbuyo" was established as a genre. Nihonbuyo was completed by voraciously incorporating various elements from pre-existing Japanese performing arts such as noh, kyogen, kabuki and other folklore cultures.

At the Kuraki nihonbuyo course, learners will approach the manifold of the Japanese culture and the hidden meanings in the characteristic manners, signs and bienseance by experiencing aspects of the Japanese culture through nihonbuyo.
Our courses are quite rare in terms of that you have not only practical training but also a 30-minute lecture at every lesson for deep understanding of nihonbuyo and the Japanese culture. We welcome both beginners and experiencers. Please note however that even for experiencers, we give basic lessons at the very beginning.
For anybody and at anytime
No course requirements needed. We welcome everyone irrespective of age or gender.
You need tabi socks and an ougi (fan) for this course. Please wear white tabi socks for every lesson. However, you do not have to bring an ougi at the beginning. Get an ougi if you decide to continue this course after taking a few lessons.
White tabi socks and white ougi are available for purchase at the office in the theatre.