3rd April, 2021

We hope to serve the public somehow in the situation that the COVID-19 has still run riot since last year. We open our premises endowed with art and nature so that people get relief from the stress of voluntary restraint, with thorough measures such as ventilation, humidification, sterilization, infection prevention partition, and body temperature measurement.
Note that the event schedule described below is subject to be changed or cancelled depending on the infection status. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

KURAKI Noh Stage

Please be aware of the following on ticket booking.

■  It is required to book tickets by phone or email.
■  Pay the admission fee on the day at the office counter.
■  We might assign your seat in order to prevent the spread of infection.
■  At the moment, we set the attendance figure as approximately 70.

Golden Week Holiday Event: Let’s hear music in the nature

At random times during the term from Thu 22 Apr to Thu 6 May 2021  (Admission free)

Enjoy music in the KURAKI garden and just relax. We placed 4 speakers shaped like a bird house near the pond, on a cedar tree, in the square and in front of the tea ceremony room. You can find benches to listen to music calmly.
The music is not so loud that we hope you enjoy it with the nature sounds such as bird chirping (hopefully not many crows).

3rd Quick Understanding on Nihon-buyo

Tickets are sold out due to favorable reception, and the second additional performance will be held.

Sun, 16 May 2021 (1st 14:00 -Sold  Out)(2nd 17:00 -Now on sale)

Our popular event marks the third times! You can enjoy the beautiful Japanese traditional dance, Nihon-buyo, with an interesting and informative talk by Naoya Mura, the leading instructor of the Japanese dance course.
The dance group Ododri-no-kukan will exhibit excellent performance. The members are: Naoya Mura, Emino Nishizaki, Shiyo Kawamoto, Akisayo Hanayagi, Kotona Bando, Sakurako Nishizaki and Haruka Kawamoto.
Part 1 is accompanied by Koshiko Takemoto (gidayu reciter) and Tsugaju Tsuruzawa (shamisen player).
Part 2 is accompanied by Emme (singer), Akihito Obama (shakuhachi player) and Mon (pianist).




img20210401165613916018.jpg Performance by instructors img20210401165835652573.jpg Lecture on tatami  

Workshop for beginners

Noh Experience

Sun, 20 Jun 2021 (14:00 - ) Fee: \2000
You have a chance to learn from the professional noh actors! The event consists of 2 parts. First, the instructors show brilliant performances. Secondly, the participants have some noh experiences: singing (utai), acting (shimai) or playing instruments (hayashi). You can choose 3 lessons among them.
We are glad if the event gives you a productive and graceful time and would be a cue to join our general noh course that will start from July 2021 to March 2022.
You are given the detailed information about the general course on the day of this event.
Note that the performance styles of utai and shimai that we offer are Kita, Hosho and Konparu.

Spooky Story Event

Kuraki Night  Sold out

Sat, 7 Aug 2021 (18:30 - )
Fee: adult – \1000, child in elementary and middle school – \500

Cool off on a hot summer day at the noh theater! The story teller, Nobuko Kawashima, delights you with the chilling and thrilling scary story about a biwa (lute) player, Mimi-Nashi-Hoichi, who was sightless and cursed by warrior demons.
The ordinary benign KURAKI garden is also filled with creepiness in the night while Buddhist chants are repeating and decapitated heads are scattered around. OMG!

Kawashima is a Satsuma biwa performer belonging to the Tsuruta school.


img20210401190034593168.jpg Strange happenings? img20210401190034582758.jpg Mannequin head... lol img20210401190034616374.jpg img20210401190034607759.jpg img20210402020246007507.jpg Leg out of the pond!

   img20210402001801199632.jpg Costume exhibition img20210402001752970894.jpg Composite image

Noh Costume Exhibition

Attractivity of Costume with Dance of Geisha

Sun, 5 Sep 2021
Admission free for the costume exhibition (10:00 – 12:30)
Fee for the dance performance: \2000 (13:30 - )

The noh costumes that our theater has housed will be exhibited. English descriptions are offered, so it is a good opportunity for foreign visitors to learn about this genre.
After the costume event, enjoy the traditional dance, jiutamai, performed by Yokohama geisha. They express the world of the Tale of Genji by candlelight. Pay attention not only to the geisha dance but also to the noh costume, kariginu, which is used to symbolize the main character, Hikaru-Genji.
This theme is also performed by noh, however jiuitamami approaches it differently. Noh stories progress on the ground of a male view. On the other hand, jiutamai expresses womens emotions, and it will deliver another aspect and attractivity of this story to the audience.

Kids Noh Class

Noh Lesson from the Age of 4

Saturday morning (10:00 – 11:00) on a monthly basis: 6 Nov, 4 Dec, 8 Jan, 5 Feb. The recital will be held on 19 March 2022.
Monthly fee: \2500

We restart this course at last following all the measures to prevent the infection after one and a half years closing. Children at age 4 and older can learn the Japanese grace and bienseance on the stage. We offer the lesson on a monthly basis and parents can take part in it together.
The instructor is a professional noh actor belonging to the Konparu school, Tsunao Yamai, who has performed home and abroad.
The number of participants will be limited to 12 families.


img20210402020558837887.jpg img20210402020608913907.jpg


img20210402115349225850.jpg img20210402115349207946.jpg Illustrated by Hiroki Komazawa img20210402115349180059.jpg Amami Oshima

4th Kuraki Special Collaboration Concert

Sat, 20 Nov 2021 (16:00 - ) Fee: \3000
The 4th special concert will be held on this traditional stage where many noh actors have trained themselves and some were designated as living national treasures.
The feature of this concert is that performers of different genres collaborate on this traditional stage.
This 4th event will show an impressive and unique coaction between a recording engineer, flute player and steel guitarist.
Hiroshi Ogawa, a recording engineer and photographer, will reproduce the nature sounds on the stage. He has recorded such sounds in rich natural environments at home and abroad.
Kei Matsuo, a transverse flute player, makes a divine and unfettered sound as if it shakes the earth.
Hiroki Komazawa, a steel guitarist, plays distinctive music that heals listeners’ souls. He is a major pop player who has performed with many artists such as Hachimitsu Pai, Yuming, the Yellow Monkey and so on.
On this occasion, you can enjoy a musical performance with nature sounds on the stage.
The Kuraki theater explores the fusion between art and nature as we offer another event “the Kuraki garden with music” noted above.
Its a pleasure for us if you feel happiness even for a second.

img20210402231824800349.jpg Sotaro Waku img20210402231934627753.jpg Stage by candlelight img20210402231934591031.jpg Mutsura was played last year img20210402231934618867.jpg Lighted up garden

The 15th Kuraki Festival

Noh Play by Candlelight: Kayoi-Komachi

Sat, 23 Oct 2021 (17:00 - )
Fee: adult – \3500, child in middle and high school – \1000

The soft glow of candlelight illuminates the noh stage and creates a subtle and profound atmosphere. The garden is lighted-up too, so you are invited to the visional world after passing through the front gate.
The play in this event is Kayoi-Komachi that is about a ghost of an incredibly beautiful woman, Ono-no-Komachi. The setting is in a mountain in Kyoto. A woman comes see a monk in the making every day. After exchanging some words, he assumes that she is a restless spirit of Ono-no-Komachi. He mourns for her to fulfill her wish to depart in peace. However, a man appears and prevents the monks prayer for her. He is a phantasm of Fukakusa-no-Shosho who gave his heart to her before his death, but died of her unrealistic demand to confirm his love. He cant let go of an attachment to her even after his death, and tries forcing her spirit to stop departing in peace. The monk advises the two to confront their antemortem sins to shrive themselves. Therefore, they replicate the ordeal, momoyo-gayoi that Ono-no-Komachi imposed him. The trial is something that one comes see the other for the 100th day straight under the difficult conditions. Fukakusa-no-Shosho recalls finally that he had a celebratory drink on the very last day and realizes that consuming alcohol is not condoned by Buddhism even for celebration. He expresses repentance and is delivered from sin. Then, they depart in peace together.
The leading actor is Sotaro Waku who belongs to the Hosho school.
Sotaro Waku website

Kuraki World: Classical Concert

Sun, 28 Nov 2021 (14:00 - )
Fee: adult – \2000, child in elementary and middle school – \1000

The classical concert performed by members of the NHK Symphony Orchestra is held every year when beautiful autumn leaves color the garden. We are glad to see our audience growth year by year.
Please focus on splendid acoustics in our noh theater although it goes without saying that the musical performance is splendid. The noh stage has 9 big jars underneath its floor to echo the sounds by resonating the cavities, and the ceiling is high. So, the sound is no less awesome than that of a decent concert hall. You will hear beautiful low-pitched sounds such as cello amplified by the resonance effect of the jars. The stage itself plays the sound like an instrument.
We are very glad to hear that performers say they like the comfortable and exciting sentient as if they are embraced by sounds from underneath, even though they have many experiences to perform at many brilliant concert halls.
This is a concert with guest Haruo Ogawa (classical guitar) in a trio of Yuki Oshika (violin), Shigetaka Obata (viola), and Kenichi Nishiyama (cello).
Please enjoy prime music here in the beautiful autumn season.


   img20210414223307420623.jpg img20200705142838746412.jpg Autumn leaves in the garden img20200705142838849426.jpg Autumn leaves in the garden img20200705142838850443.jpg Autumn leaves in the garden img20200705180938251183.jpg Autumn leaves in the garden
img20200705162628292125.jpg Bamboo lantern img20200705162628392541.jpg Performers for seasonal acts img20200720181520280700.jpg Lion dance img20200720181520280257.jpg Yokohama geisha

New Year Event: Yokohama Geisha,
Seasonal Acts and Bamboo Lanterns

Sat, 15 Jan 2022 (16:00 - )  Fee: \1000

We offer a new year event with a wish that you are showered with a lot of happiness. You will enjoy the graceful geisha dance, seasonal acts and the garden lighted up fantastically by bamboo lanterns
Some time ago in Isogo-ku where the Kuraki Noh Stage is located, there were many agencies called okiya to which geisha belonged.

Mansai Nomura at the Kuraki Kyogen

Sat, 12 Feb 2022 (14:00 - ) Fee: \3500

The prominent figure, Mansai Nomura is scheduled to play at the Kuraki Kyogen!
The kyogen actor was born in 1966 as a son of Mansaku Nomura who became a living national treasure in 2007. Mansai has performed on the stage at home and abroad vigorously and contributed to making Kyogen gain in popularity. He is also active in various fields such as historical plays, movies and TV dramas.
His career was rewarded with: the new face award of National Arts Festival (NFA), the outstanding performance award of NAF, the new face award of Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts, Asahi Performing Arts Awards, the Kinokuniya Theater Awards and etc.

Sold out

Student Recital Hour: Nihon-buyo

Sun, 27 Feb 2022 (14:00 - )  Admission free

The Nihon-buyo course students show their improvements on this day.
The atmosphere of this class is always cheerful and happy as the leading instructor, Naoya Mura, not only guides students with zest, but also gives them his brimming and interesting education and wisdom unstintingly. They have practiced exercise diligently and improved certainly.
In this recital, instructors of Odori-no-kukan of which Mura serves as head will also exhibit the demonstration.

img20210402172330382000.jpg Instructor, Naoya Mura img20210402172415953688.jpg Student dance performance img20210402172517198472.jpg Instructor, Akisayo img20210402172503125156.jpg Instructor, Emino img20210402173924004046.jpg Instructor, Sakurako img20210402172415936682.jpg Smile for the camera!

img20210403021318623350.jpg img20210403021318604513.jpg img20210403021318665718.jpg img20210403021318654755.jpg

Kensankai: Student Recital Hour

  • Noh course for the Kita school: Thu at 14:00,10 Mar 2022
  • Noh musical instruments course: Sat at 13:00, 12 Mar 2022
  • Noh course for the Konparu school: Sat at 14:00, 12 Mar 2022
  • Noh course for the Hosho school: Sun at 13:00, 20 Mar 2022

March will have many recitals in which students of every course show their excellent results! Anyone and everyone is welcome! Each recital will be held in a happy and mirthful mood.