Please be aware of the following on ticket booking.

■  It is required to book tickets by phone or email.
■  Pay the admission fee on the day at the office counter.
■  At the moment, we set the attendance figure as approximately 80.

The 15th Kuraki Kyohgen event 

"Man Nomura"

March 11, 2023 (Sat)  13:30 Open, 14:00 Start
Admission 4, 000 yen (all unreserved seats)
 As the leading performer of Kyohgen, which is a Japanese traditional Art and also known as Noh comedy, he received the designation of the important cultural asset individual(living national treasure) in 1997, and become a member of the Japan Art Academy in 2001 and a person of the Japan Cultural Merits in 2008.
 He also got various awards; the Japan Cultural Medal in 2019, the French L'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2018, the grand prize of Matsuo Entertainment Prize in 2019, the NHK Broadcast Culture Prize in 2018, and an honorary citizen of Tokyo in 2005.
 You can watch and enjoy the performance from a short distance.

img20210403021318623350.jpg img20210403021318604513.jpg img20210403021318665718.jpg img20210403021318654755.jpg

Kensankai: Student Recital Hour

  • Noh course for the kids&Konparu school: Sun at 13:00, 19 Mar 2023
  • Noh musical instruments course: Sat at 13:00, 25 Mar 2023
  • Noh course for the Hosho school: Sun at 13:00, 2 Apr 2023
  • Noh course for the Kita school: Sun at 14:00, 23 Apr 2023

March will have many recitals in which students of every course show their excellent results! Anyone and everyone is welcome! Each recital will be held in a happy and mirthful mood.


Open Air Tea Ceremony 

“N O D A T E”

Date & Time: April 23, 2023 (Sunday) from 11:30 to 15:30
Participation Fee: 500yen (including a cup of tea served with cake)
In the case of a rainy day, the event is called off.
In the fresh green, enjoy the Japanese tea ceremony while hearing the sound of the Koto (13-stringed Japanese zither).
Tea Ceremony Director: ICHIKI Souki (Omote-Senke)
Koto Player: YOKOHAMA Kihachi
Please make the reservation to secure your seat in the following start time: 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, and 15:00.
The Koto performance is planned to start at 11:45, 12:45, 13:45, and 14:45.
On the day, the live presentation of the Noh training attendance is also held in the noh stage from 14:00. As it is no charge for admission, please drop in.


Popular performance for the 5th time this year

“A new way to enjoy Japanese dance#5”

Date & Time: May 20, 2023 (Saturday) Open at 13:30, Start at 14:00
Admission Fee: 4,000en (all unreserved seats)
A strolling player come across a giant snake in a mountain! In the desperate situation, what would be shown one after another as the secret art of the dance?
SHIN TANOKYU is the new type of Japanese musical that combined the Rakugo (traditional comic storytelling) Prgoram “Tanokyu” with Gidayu (Music to recite a story by the accompaniment of the samisen) and Nihon Buyoh.
Please find and enjoy the charm of the Japanese dance.
Lecture “Nihon-Buyoh is really the art of words” by MURA Naoya
Rakugo “KAMIKUZUYA” (waste paper ragmen) by HAYAHIYA Shojaku
Nihon Buyo Performance by NISHIZAKI Sakurako and HANAYAGI Akisayo
 Comic Story Teller: HAYASHIYA Shojaku
Gidayu Reciter: TAKEMOTO Koshikoh
Samisen Player: TSURUZAWA Tsugaju (living national treasure)
Dance Performer: BANDOH Kotoji as the strolling playner, NISHIZAKI Emino as the spirit of giant snake, HANAYAGI Akisayo and NISHIZAKI Sakurako as the sisters of the spirit of giant snake
Producer: MURA Naoya
Composer: TSURUZAWA Tsugaju


Finished event

img20200705162628292125.jpg Bamboo lantern img20200705162628392541.jpg Performers for seasonal acts img20200720181520280700.jpg Lion dance img20200720181520280257.jpg Yokohama geisha

New Year Event: Yokohama Geisha,
Seasonal Acts and Bamboo Lanterns

Sat, 14 Jan 2023 (16:00 - )  Fee: \1000

We offer a new year event with a wish that you are showered with a lot of happiness. You will enjoy the graceful geisha dance, seasonal acts and the garden lighted up fantastically by bamboo lanterns
Some time ago in Isogo-ku where the Kuraki Noh Stage is located, there were many agencies called okiya to which geisha belonged.

produced by Kuraki Noh-Butai


(traditional female Japanese entertainers)
Date and Time: Saturday, December 10, 2022
Start: 17:30, Opening: 17:00
Venue: Yokohama-shi Minami Kokaidoh (Yokohama City South Public Hall) (Main hall)
Fee: 1,500 yen (all unreserved seats)
Ticket available at the Ticket Peer, and each reception of the following cosponsors.
・Yokohama-shi Minami Kokaidoh (Yokohama City South Public Hall) 045-341-1261
・Yokohama-shi Noh-Gakudoh Kuraki Noh-Butai 045-761-3584
"The Yokohama Geisha" is revived in Yokohama after over 20 years of absence. Adopting not only the Japanese culture of Kagura, Kuraki Noh-Butai, where has rich traditional and natural environments, suggests the fashionable and diversity performance as one of sightseeing events in Yokohama. This is the promotional event at the Yokohama South Public Hall..
Young Kagura performers in various districts in Yokohama gather and study the charm of the ordinary Kagura, which it is easy to get close to under the theme of "Japanese culture to be able to enjoy from grandparents to grandchildren" by performing through modern programs to complicated programs.
Especially, Shishi-Mai (a lion dance) adopted the movement of a lovely cat, Daikoku-Mai (a dance of the god of wealth) with full of congratulating words, and Ninin-Sanbasou (a dance for the huge harvest) originated in Noh and populated in Kabuki, are well accepted from aged people to young children, and receive the high evaluation from the oversea.
Access to Yokohama-shi Minami Kokaidoh
Minami Integrated Ward Office,
2-33, Urafune-cho, Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi
Railway & Bus
・About 8-minute walk from Yokohama municipal subway "Bandobashi" station
・About 14-minute walk from Keikyu line "Koganecho" station
・Just in front of the bus stop “Minami-ku Sogoh-Chosha Mae”
・About 2 minutes walk from the bus stop “Urafune-cho”
・About 8 minutes walk from the bus stop “Bandoh-Bashi”
・There are some fee parking lots in the Minami Integrated Ward Office.


Kuraki World: Classical Concert

Sun,4 Dec 2022 (14:00 - )
Fee: adult – \2000, child in elementary and middle school – \1000

The classical concert performed by members of the NHK Symphony Orchestra is held every year when beautiful autumn leaves color the garden. We are glad to see our audience growth year by year.
Please focus on splendid acoustics in our noh theater although it goes without saying that the musical performance is splendid. The noh stage has 9 big jars underneath its floor to echo the sounds by resonating the cavities, and the ceiling is high. So, the sound is no less awesome than that of a decent concert hall. You will hear beautiful low-pitched sounds such as cello amplified by the resonance effect of the jars. The stage itself plays the sound like an instrument.
We are very glad to hear that performers say they like the comfortable and exciting sentient as if they are embraced by sounds from underneath, even though they have many experiences to perform at many brilliant concert halls.
This is a concert with guest Haruo Ogawa (classical guitar) in a trio of Yuki Oshika (violin), Shigetaka Obata (viola), and Kenichi Nishiyama (cello).
Please enjoy prime music here in the beautiful autumn season.


   img20210414223307420623.jpg img20200705142838746412.jpg Autumn leaves in the garden img20200705142838849426.jpg Autumn leaves in the garden img20200705142838850443.jpg Autumn leaves in the garden img20200705180938251183.jpg Autumn leaves in the garden