Guide and Cautions

You can hire the Kuraki Noh Stage for various events such as concerts, costume plays as well as performances of traditional arts. Please note, however, that noh stages have always been a spiritual space for actors since long ago. As a mark of respect for the Kuraki Noh Stage, you need to wear white tabi socks (Japanese socks). It is not allowed to go barefoot on the noh stage. It is possible to buy tabi socks at our office if you do not have any.
Holding a gathering irrelevant to performing arts, soliciting and selling goods are also prohibited.


  • Reservation and Drawing
    • We accept reservations 6 months before the date on which you want to hire our facilities (the Japanese-style room, tea-ceremony room and the noh stage). Reservation acceptance starts from 10 am on the first Sunday of every month. For example, if you would make a reservation on any day during December, booking request is available on the first Sunday in June. If our closed day falls on a booking acceptance day, we take reservations on the second Sunday. If the date is conflicted with other individuals or parties, the user for the date is selected by drawing.
  • After the next day of the drawing
    • We take reservations for rest of the vacant dates by phone from 10 am to 5 pm on our working days. Also, you can email us for a reservation. Basically, reservations are accepted on a first-come and first-served basis.

  • 【Reservation Completed
    • Your reservation is completed when you come to our office and hand in the application form with the hire charge within 10 days after your booking is accepted by phone or e-mail. Then we give you our permission slip which you will need to show us on the day you use the facility. It is possible for applicants who live in the distance to pay the charge by postal transfer. It is advisable for new users to come to our office before the day in order to check the facilities and to get detailed guidance.

  • 【Sound insulation
    • Please be aware that sound might leak from the rooms (the Japanese-style room, tea-ceremony room and room where the noh stage is located) because they do not have a high noise barrier performance. If you demand quite a silent environment, you might need to secure all the rooms.

  • 【Operating hours
    • Our opening hours are from 9 am to 10 pm. You have to prepare the event and clean up the room you use during that time when you hold an event. 
    • Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.