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■  It is required to book tickets by phone or email.
■  Pay the admission fee on the day at the office counter.
■  At the moment, we set the attendance figure as approximately 80.

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“KURAKI Candle Noh “Izutsu” by Tsuneo Yamai”

November 4 (Sat) Open at 17:00, Start at 17:30
Admission Fee: 4,000 yen / Adult, 1,000 yen / high school student or younger
The KURAKI candle Noh becomes the fourth at this time.
On an autumn night, lighting the garden with lots of small lamps, and lighting the stage with candles, 
KURAKI Nohbutai brings a fantastic and strange world by uniting the garden and the stage.
The program is "Izutsu" which Zeami arranged from Ise-Monogatari as his masterpiece.
And the main actor is performed by Tsuneo YAMAI, Komparu school protagonist Noh player
【Story Outline】
On a moonlit autumn night, a traveling monk visits the Ariwara temple where the poet Ariwara-no-Narihira and his wife used to live in this area.
A village woman appears and describes the love story between Narihira and Ki-no-Aritsune's daughter.
As her story ends, the woman says that she is the daughter, and then she disappears.
That evening, the ghost of the daughter who appears in the monk's dream dances wearing the clothing that Narihira left behind.
The ghost stares at her reflection in the well water and remembers of sweet days with him.
When dawn comes, the ghost disappears.
This program is one of Zeami's masterpieces, representative of the Mugen(dream and illusion) style in which past and present events merge.
Old days with Narihira are talked heartily in the first half.
In the latter half, the daughter's dance, and the scene seeing an image of Narihira on oneself who is reflected in the well, are the highlights
【 Characters and Performers】
・Shite: Tsuneo YAMAI
・Waki: Yoshihiro TATEDA
・Ai: Daijiroh ZENCHIKU
・Fue: Ryuichi ONODERA
・Kotuzumi: Takashi MORI
・Ohtuzumi: Eitaroh OHKURA
・Kohken: Kiyomi MURAOKA, Mayuko KASHIWAZAKI
・Jiutai: Yoshiaki INOUE, Masahiro NAKAMURA, Kota YAMAI, Keiichiroh IWAMA


Open Air Tea Ceremony 

“N O D A T E”

Date & Time: April 23, 2023 (Sunday) from 11:30 to 15:30
Participation Fee: 500yen (including a cup of tea served with cake)

In the case of a rainy day, the event is called off.
The garden of Kuraki is a season of colored leaves. In the lawn open space, enjoy the Japanese tea ceremony while hearing the performance of the Gagaku (Shichiriki, Sho, Ryuteki).
Tea Ceremony Director: ICHIKI Souki (Omote-Senke)
Please make the reservation to secure your seat from the following start time schedule: 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, and 15:00.
The walking Gagaku performance is conducted around your seats.




Kuraki World: Classical Concert

Date & Time: December 3, 2023 (Sunday) Open at 13:30, Start at 14:00
Admission Fee: 2,000 yen


When colored leaves in the Kuraki garden became splendid, we have the String Quartet concert by the NHK Symphony Orchestra members every year.
The audience who had once come to enjoy it increased year by year.
Of course, as for their performance being excellent, the reaction of the sound in the Noh stage is amazing!Under the Noh stage floor of the hinoki, nine large pots are placed, and they raise a sound like a speaker by the wisdom of ancient people.The mechanism combined with the height of the ceiling, makes a sound not to be inferior to a pretty good concert hall.We can hear the low tone of the Cello sounds on the floor, and the Noh stage sounds like a wonderful box.
In fact, ...the performers who played in various excellent halls say that the performance in Kuraki is very favorite because the sound seems to wrap them up, and it brings comfortable exciting feelings.

The program 

Mozart: Divertimento in F major KV.138
Ravel String Quartet

Please plan to come and enjoy the authentic classical music in such an environment.

1st Violin: Yuki OSHIKA

2nd Violin: Yumi TOMIZAWA
Viola: Shigetaka OBATA
Cello: Kenichi NISHIYAMA.
Please enjoy prime music here in the beautiful autumn season.


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